So JetBlue has this sale for Halloween, $31 flights. Any of their flights one way, for $31. Usually we fly southwest, which while cheap is like king of short flights and connections; i.e. to go from SFO to FLL, we connected in Vegas and Austin. JetBlue however does direct transcontinental flights. SFO to JFK, 6 hours; and they have a red eye that leaves at 12:50. So two $31 one-ways and we have ourselves to a trip to New York. Thus New York in 8 hours.

The day begins at SFO. 12:50am take off; 1:00am fall asleep with complimentary eye mask. 9:00am (east coast time) wake up in NYC. 9:10am - 5:30pm ride the subway into Manhattan, hit up the Highline, MOMA, Times Square, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 6:30pm take off; watch the Mets fumble in the 8th, Stanford win on a missed field goal. 11:30pm land at SFO. Journey complete; photos below.