Meet Gloria

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This is Gloria. The love of my life. My little sister 16 years apart. Yes, 16 years, you read that right. I always wanted a sister, and God might have been a little late in delivering her, but He eventually did. She is the smartest, sassiest, wittiest, super adorable, beautiful, SPOILED girl I know; with an infectious laughter, which she got from my mom. Gloria is currently in San Francisco visiting Andy, Frankie, and me. It's been a fun couple of days with her and it is always sad when it comes time for her to leave. She quickly became Frankie's best friend, and she's the only one that can sometimes get her to stop crying.

Gloria will be turning 10 next month and so I decided to give her a quick African inspired photoshoot.  My dearest Gloria, in the words of Shakespeare, though you may be little, you are fierce! And I am so excited to see what the future has in store for you. You have the kindest heart and the brightest smile, and I have no doubt that you'll do great and amazing things! I love you so much! 


Your big sis, Nana.