How Nana got her groove back

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SELF LOVE. This has been the theme of my year and that includes accepting and embracing my new body after baby. Initially, I was a little upset that I couldn't snap back (because I have a snapped back) as good or as fast as some mothers. But I reminded myself that everyone is different, and so is their journey. Like I've mentioned before, we may all have experiences that bond us together but it does not change the fact that our journeys are our own.

I may not be a size 4 anymore, but I have the most beautiful daughter that my body changed to nurture and keep safe. I BROUGHT A HUMAN BEING INTO THIS WORLD! That is a pretty miraculous thing. I need to cut myself some slack. So whether you are a size 2, a size 8, or a size 16, as long as you feel healthy, please strut your stuff and be confident in the body that you have. Regardless of our size, we need to keep in mind we only have this one body and must keep it healthy. 

With that said, let us talk about this outfit. I saw the bodysuit in the window of X-generation, a boutique on Haight street. The neckline, the floral borders, the colors, it was gorgeous. I first thought, this would look so good on someone else with minimum cleavage and a flat belly. Then I thought, why not someone with some cleavage, some belly pouch, and some hips? I all of a sudden had this burst of confidence, and without even trying it on, I bought it.  I waited to try it at home, once Andy got back from work. Let's just say we both said "whoa" the moment I slipped it on. The cleavage, how it hugged my body... I loved it! I felt SEXY! I haven't felt that way in a long time and this one decision to get the bodysuit changed all that for me. It could have potentially led to the making of baby number 2. But all jokes aside, it was a beautiful and flattering piece. I am glad that I didn't look down on myself despite some uneasiness, and went with the positive thinking. It has been a rough couple of months emotionally since I became a mother, but things are starting to look up, and I think picking up this piece and slaying it is just the beginning to a sexier and happier future. ;)   

Bodysuit - X-generation on Haight // Shoes - Target // High-waisted jeans - Amazon // Purse - 'Stuf' Accessories on Haight