All the fuzziness

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I had so much fun doing this shoot. I even tried to do the poses right. This nurse here thinks she's a model sometimes. haha. But anyway, I was on my way to go get some lunch when I walked past Clobba, a cute little boutique on Haight Street. This outfit was on one of their manikins and it stole my heart right there and then. I had to try it on. I fell so in love with it but I wasn't sure if Andy would love the fuzzy style. To be honest, this outfit would usually be out of my comfort zone but like I've mentioned in my previous posts, I'm trying to break those boundaries.  I texted a picture of me in the outfit to Andy and a couple girlfriends, expecting them to say "no," but surprisingly, they all loved it as well. That sealed the deal for me. I thought this would be a great outfit for a nice romantic night out, or even a holiday party. 

Not only did I find this absolutely gorgeous outfit at Clobba, I also found a nice, warm, grey coat. What really sold me on the coat was the price. It was only $60 but I got a 15% discount so that brought it down even more.  I think I've been lucky this fall. I keep finding so many cute things.

Fuzzy two-piece top and skirt from Clobba//Grey Coat from Clobba//Shoes are Vince Camuto's from AmbianceSF